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March 2015
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WEC 43
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The WEC has come and gone, and those of us that attended were lucky to see what might be considered fight of the year. Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Ben Henderson put on a display of amazing skills in stand up, grappling, and submissions. Ben Henderson winning by unanimous decision puts a hold on the match up everyone has been waiting for, Cerrone v. Varner II. The San Antonio crowd saw matches end in submissions, TKO’s, and decisions. Damacio Page, who had a family member pass early in the week, secured a ferociously quick submission victory over WEC newcomer Will Capuzano. In another match that was full of counters and striking Dave Jansen and Rich Crunkilton went the distance in a split decision for Jansen in his debut match. Mackens Semerzier was able to submit submission specialist Wagney Fabiano in his debut. “All I can remember is my jiu-jitsu coach saying ‘Don’t be afraid to go for the triangle if it’s there’… I got this fight on two weeks notice and now I’m so happy to be here,”Semerzier said. Anthony Njokuani controlled his opponent, Muhsen Corbbrey, and won a TKO that might have been a KO. WEC had people watching in and out of the cage, with UFC fighters Chuck Liddell, Nate Marquardt, and Paul Buentello. WEC also had their fighters in the stands, as well as Punk Ass and Sky Skrape of TapouT. The first major promotion to come to San Antonio, the WEC looks to try and come back to the city, hopefully within in the next year or so.    

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Texas Fight Fest 15
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On October 3, 2009 TAMMA once again presented MMA at Cowboys Dance Hall, and again have outdone themselves. It was an event filled with thrills, chills, and a few surprises. The first fight was a strong bout between Arturo Flores and Michael Alexander, and what a way to start off the night, fantastic action by both competitors ending with a Flores submission win by arm bar over Alexander. In the heavyweight division we saw two up-and-comers in Jared Haile and Jeff Fross. Solid action, but in the end Jared Haile could not make it out of his corner between the second and third round. Thus reminding everyone what an important role conditioning plays in fighting; just as much as striking and grappling. Next we saw a wierd ending, with Steven Flores submitting Michael Goss with an arm bar, only to slip off Goss’s arm while he was tapping out. Both Flick brothers were on the card, but unfortunately only one of them would have a successful night. Jimmy Flick impressed the audience with a triangle choke on Amador Estrada in just :35 seconds of round number 1. There was also some controversy with an early stoppage of the fight in which Aaron Lanfranco TKO’d Andrew Sancho. Many in the audience thought that referee Mark Calo-oy called it too early, as the fighter was still moving position. What had many people talking, though, was the annihilation of Brandon Powers by “CJ” Vergara. In his amateur debut Vergara knocked out Powers in :33 seconds of the first round and impressed the audience and TAMMA’s very special guests, who stated Vergara is someone to keep an eye on. The second intermission was cut into by TAMMA’s guests of honor: the President of WEC Reed Harrison, WEC’s PR Director David Sholler, WEC fighter Will Campuzano, and UFC’s very own Paul “The Headhunter” Buentello.They all thanked the audience for the support of MMA in San Antonio and passed out free items including tickets to the October 10 show at the AT&T Center. In another fight that some fans thought was called early Lester Clark TKO’d Austin O’Riley in the first round. In what may have been fight of the night, Daniel Jolly vs. Michael Mitchell fought to a unanimous decision for Jolly. Early in the first round Mitchell looked completely dominating and in charge of the fight, but the headstrong Jolly collected himself and came back to win all three rounds. Improving his record to 3-0 now, Jolly had moved up to light heavyweight for this fight. Nick Helak of team No Pain scored a huge victory with a rear naked choke, :35 second in the first, on his opponent Matt Mazurek. Unfortunately, the referee could not see Mazurek tapping out. Mazurek lost consciousness, but was on his feet momentarily. The main event of the night featured Danny Flick vs. Andy Chiu for the Fly Weight Championship. This was the only fight to be called due to injury, as Flick may have pulled his shoulder in the first round. It was a shame to see a fight end this way as it looked to be an entertaining bout. Maybe we could see his brother Jimmy vs. Andy as both are now 5-0, for the title. It was a great night for fights. This card had everything from decision victories to KO’s. Look for another great set of fights on November 14th at Heroes’ Championship and on December 5th at Fight Fest 16. Until then, see you at WEC on Saturday October 10th.   Raul Rangel

WEC 43 This Saturday, Oct.10
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The first Zuffa venture to the city of San Antonio, WEC 43 will take place on Saturday Oct.10, at the AT&T Center. This is old news by now, but for those of you who haven’t heard, tickets start at only $25. Doors open at 5pm, and the fights start at 6pm. If you can’t make it, the fights will be live on Versus.

If you made it out to TAMMA’s Texas Fight Fest 15, then you had a good time. Also, you had a chance to meet native Texan fighters Paul “The Headhunter” Buentello, and Will Campuzano who will be debuting in the WEC at this Saturday’s event. We even got to hear a few promises and praises from WEC President Reed Harris and PR Manager Dave Sholler.

The WEC will be back at Cowboy’s Dance Hall on Friday for the official weigh-ins. This is another event not to be missed. There will be an opportunity to meet the fighters weighing in, and Frank Mir, WEC commentator and UFC superstar will be in attendance. WEC Featherweight Champion Mike Thomas Brown, and lightweight title holder Jaime Varner will also be there.

It’s a damn good week for MMA in San Antonio. The Tapout Tour will be in town Friday and Saturday. My guess is that they scheduled the event here so they could check out the WEC show. On Friday they will be at Image Trendwear at Rolling Oaks Mall with Jens “Little Evil” Pulver from 1-3pm, and on Saturday Nate “The Great” Marquardt will join at Black Fly at Ingram Plaza 1-3pm.

-Drew Wallen


Main event:

155 lbs.: Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone (10-1) vs. Ben “Smooth” Henderson (9-1) for the WEC Interim Lightweight Title

Main card (Televised):

155 lbs.: Rich Crunkilton (16-2) vs. Dave Jansen (12-0)
135 lbs.: Damacio Page (11-4) vs Will Campuzano
145 lbs.: Raphael Assuncao (13-1) vs. Yves “Tiger” Jabouin (14-4)

Under card (May not be televised):

155 lbs.: Anthony Njokuani (10-2) vs. Muhsin Corbbrey (7-3)
135 lbs.: Scott Jorgensen (6-3) vs. Noah Thomas
145 lbs.: Wagnney Fabiano (12-1) vs. Mackens Semerzier (3-0)
135 lbs.: Manny “The Mangler” Tapia (10-2-1) vs. Eddie Wineland (14-6-1)
135 lbs.: Coty “Ox” Wheeler (10-1) vs. Charlie Valencia (10-5)
145 lbs.: Deividas Taurosevicius vs. Javier Vazquez

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Is there room for movies and fighting?
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It seems there is a new trend- these days fighters want to be movie stars and are willing to forfeit their MMA careers to achieve their goal. Chung Li of Strikeforce relinquished his title due to movie commitments and Quentin “Rampage” Jackson pushed a fight in his hometown to film “The A-Team”.  Other fighters like Roger Huerta and Randy Couture, have toyed with the idea of quitting, but have come back to the cage. Fighters can go months between fighting and training. They face a lot of downtime, and some stay in shape and some balloon. Need proof, Google pics of Chuck Liddell before “Dancing with the Stars”. 

Is it worth cutting into training time to film a movie? Sometimes, a film can benefit a person and the sport, if it’s a good one. In “Rocky 3″ the beginning of the film pitted Rocky Balboa against a then unknown Hulk Hogan. The result was a huge spotlight thrown on WWE’s first PPV Wrestlemania, an event that is to this day the biggest event in wrestling. But, if you look at films like “Suburban Commando”, “See No Evil.”, or the ever brilliant cinematic masterpiece “Ready to Rumble”, it is hard to take the athlete or the sport seriously. Even though we all know wrestling is pre-determined, the athleticism is real.

But having Rampage in a major motion picture does speak volumes in how far MMA has come. Before, if anyone from UFC was in a film it was straight to DVD, now this film is getting a huge push and release. Rampage’s fight with Rashad Evans had to be pushed back in order for him to get the right training, but imagine if Rampage were to win the fight then go off to fight for the light heavyweight title around the same time his movie were to come out. The media coverage for the PPV would be astronomical with everyone from the Hollywood press to ESPN.

But alas, for right now Rampage has called it quits for fighting. Due to comments made by UFC president Dana White, Rampage has decided to hang up his gloves. I give it a few months when all will be forgiven on both sides.

Raul Rangel

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Ex- Athletes in MMA and boxing.
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Amidst the tons of talented fighters, celebrities and ex- athletes continue to plague both MMA and boxing. Turning professional is a big deal in these sports, but when big name, low rep people turn “pro” it tarnishes a growing and established sport. Taking nothing away from Herschel Walker and his accomplishments, I’ve been a Cowboys fan since I was knee high, but he is 48 and has a mental disorder. In his book he claimed to be suffering from multiple personalities. His signing to fight professional MMA is the wrong move in an organization that has a lot to prove. I feel bad for calling out Strikeforce so many times, because I actually like a lot of their fighters, but as an organization, they keep making moves that are questionable and have sunk other companies. In boxing we have seen many cases of wtf, such as Danny Bonaduce, Rodney King, Tonya Harding, etc… where does it end? With these people it ended on their back, in humiliation. Now, I’m not saying these people should never try MMA or boxing. I would prefer they would try out amateur fighting and help the up and coming guys get an audience. I would definitely watch Walker in an amateur match working with a guy that’s just honing his skills, rather than a professional beatdown.

-Raul Rangel

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Is Fedor really #1?
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Fedor Emelianenko has been the most dominating heavyweight in MMA history. His only defeat was due to a doctor stoppage, a cut on the eye, caused by an illegal elbow strike. Since then Fedor has been unstoppable, defeating opponent after opponent in Pride FC and Affliction.

When the UFC and its parent company Zuffa Entertainment purchased Pride in ’07, many speculated that it was only a matter of time before we would see Fedor in the Octagon. But when negotiations failed between the two due to Fedor’s high demands, many people blamed UFC President Dana White for not getting the deal done.

Affliction, the clothing brand, decided to start promoting fights on PPV and signed Fedor Emelianenko to a 3 fight deal. In his two and only two bouts for the company Fedor was victorious in a :37 second TKO over Tim Sylvia, and a vicious KO over Andrei Arlovski. Both fighters are former UFC heavyweight champions, and for a while were the top talents in their division.

A third bout was scheduled to take place between Fedor and former UFC heavyweight champion Josh Burnett. However, during his application screening Burnett tested positive for anabolic steroids and was denied a license by the state of California, 10 days before the PPV. Affliction had no choice but to cancel their PPV event, and with the loss of revenue, they were influenced to make a deal with the UFC to become theeir official sponsor.

Once again the talk of Fedor joining the UFC began heating up. And yet again negotiations fell through when M-1, the Russian promotion that Fedor co-owns, wanted to co-promote with the UFC.  M-1 has had a small number of shows. Their most recently planned event on August 28, 2009, in Los Angeles might have been cancelled due to the company not having a valid license. So, with no deal with the UFC, California based promotion Strikeforce agreed to the co-promotion and signed Fedor to a three fight deal. Strikeforce is known as one of the best promotion companies out there, but lacks in the heavyweight division. Their top heavyweight, Alistair Overeem is ranked #8, and their world heavyweight champ has not fought for the company since November of ’07. Overeem was also seen talking to Dana White, telling him that he was ready to join the UFC.

So, with that, does this mean Fedor Emelianenko is not the #1 fighter in the world?  The top match would have been against Brock Lesnar, who is now the #2 fighter in the world. UFC’s heavyweight division finally has some depth behind it with names like Carwin, Mir, Couture, Vasquez, and Kongo. They also have an Ultimate Fighter cast that is dedicated to the heavyweight division, along with an internet sensation named Kimbo Slice. The UFC is where a true #1 heavyweight would seal his legacy.


Raul Rangel


-Best internet quote this week:

“Fedor going to Strikeforce is the equivalence of Albert Pujols going to play little league.”

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Nutrition F/X
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Proper training involves more than just dieting and working out, sometimes supplements and vitamins are needed to give that extra boost. Nutrition F/X is one of the best and knowledgeable supplement stores in San Antonio, specializing in high end designer supplements. And, because of the knowledge that owners George Strawder and Oscar Zubiate bring, Nutrition F/X has a group of loyal customers that continues to grow.

     Not only are all of us different sizes, everybody also trains, eats and lives differently. Nutrition F/X has a staff that fits the supplements to the individual to ensure every customer’s body gets the proper nutrients. While most companies hire faces to push out their new products, Nutrition F/X educates their staff on all products new and old.

Nutrition F/X also carries George Strawder’s own supplements. His first, “Thermionic Acid”, is a fat burner that was still a big hit after the ban on ephedra. “What made Thermionic Acid a success was I would sell people a big name fat burner and then give them a free sample. People would come back for mine over other known names at the time.”

     With two locations on 7913 Pat Booker and 12223 Nachogdoches Rd. Nutrition F/X is branching out in San Antonio. And, with more and more people looking to get in shape and drop a few pounds, it’s good to know there is a supplement store that has your best interest in mind.
By Raul Rangel
George Strawder- Owner
Oscar Zubiate- Owner
Chase Mick- Manager of Nacogdoches location
Josh Lloyd- Manager of Live Oak location
Nacogdoches                                Live Oak
Jon Millan                                      Josh Towner
Tyler Whitaker                              Steven Meyer
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The biggest week in mma history?
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     The week started off like any other week in mma with interviews and physicals leading up to Afflictions 3rd ppv titled “Trilogy”. But all that ended on Tuesday July 21, 2009 when Josh Barnett tested positive for anabolic steriods and was denied a license to fight in California 10 days before the event. This leaving Affliction without ample time to find a suitable replacement and time for proper training and marketing, “Trilogy” was canceled. But the shock of the week was the anouncement on Friday July 24, 2009: Affliction folded up its fight promoting and became the official sponsors of UFC. Oh, and by the way did I mention Tito Ortiz is most likely back in the UFC?

     What a week it was. So many stories were popping up left and right no one knew where to start. I guess we can begin with Barnett, he’s done it once and he did it again. Steroids is what got Barnet kicked out of the UFC back in 2002, when testing positive after his fight with Randy Couture. Since then Barnett has fought for companies that were lenient, to say the least, on fighters remaining clean on drug tests and has only fought in America 3 times since his suspension.

     With one of the competitors out of the main event, Affliction was looking for a replacement fighter to face the number one fighter in the world. Names like Vitor Belfort, Bobby Lashley. and (I kid you not) Tank Abbott were being asked to fight Fedor Emelianenko in one week. For those living under a rock and do not know about Fedor, let me put it to you like this. Imagine being asked to fight Mike Tyson next Saturday during his prime, get the picture. His only defeat came from an illegal strike that caused a cut to Fedor’s head to re-open a cut from a previous fight.

     Affliction decided to cancel their August 1st show and plan for one later, in 3- 4 months. Most insiders and hardcore fans knew it was only a matter of time for the company to fold. Last October it looked like a possibility due to Affliction moving the show 3 months from its original date. The name “Trilogy” most likely meant it was the final card for the fledging promotion venture. But where were the Golden Boy Promotions and Trump Enterprises that helped shape the Affliction ppv in January?

     Then on that friday afternoon UFC sent out a press statement: Affliction was no longer promoting fights and was a sole sponsor of the UFC. Even though most knew this was going to happen sooner or later, it still shook the mma community at its foundation. Analysts predicted that if the promotion did fail it would wind up in (UFC’s rival promotion) Strikeforce’s favor, due to their working relations.

    Tito Ortiz is possibly back in the UFC, which is eerily reminiscent of the scene in “The Godfather” where Michael Corleone ties up all the family’s loose ends. Now that one of the most infamous feuds in mma is now over, what can we expect to see from both sides? Tito is far from a title shot, but could pose problems for other light heavyweights in the UFC.

     So, what now happens to the fighters that were to fight on “Trilogy”? Where does Fedor go? Can Strikeforce benefit now by being the number 2 company in the United States? Is Barnett really the number 2 fighter in the world? And, how long can Tito and Dana tolerate each other before there is bad blood again? Only time will tell with all these lingering questions.

Raul Rangel


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I’m back!!!
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I’m am back after a long and painful injury. I am coming back to write again. I am refreshed and revamped to restart and I am looking forward to new and exciting stories about whatt is going on in the mma world. I will speak my mind on my likes and dislikes, with a no holds barred attitude that will shake a few people. Look for my first story by friday and every other day a new one will be up. That is my promise.


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UFC 100 viewing party at club Rain
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This saturday marks the historical landmark in MMA history with the broadcast of UFC 100. And, TAMMA and 98.5 The Beat want you to come watch the show at club Rain, 516 Brooklyn Ave. Come watch the event with some of the most talented and up and coming fighters in South Texas. Also, register to win front row tickets to Fightfest 14. Show starts at 9pm so get there early to get a good seat as this looks to be the biggest UFC event in history.

Raul Rangel

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UFC Hall of Fame Inductions
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Dana White just announced that Chuck Liddell and Charles “Mask” Lewis will be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame at the UFC Fan Expo on Friday. The Event takes place at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center July 10th and 11th and will feature meet and greets, autograph sessions, training and development session given by top UFC fighters, and even a grappling tournament. Sounds like fun.

-Drew Wallen

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Going into surgery
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Going to surgery to fix my torn ankle and two broken bones. Sorry for not posting lately, but I broke my ankle the night of the fights. I will be back soon after all is said and done. Be good and enjoy the fights.

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Girl Fight
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Women’s MMA has started picking momentum early this summer, after a failed stint in EliteXC. After Elite fell, women’s MMA was in question. Would the UFC pick it up? Could we see Gina Carano in WEC, or would another promotion pick up the division? All questions were answered when Strikeforce bought EliteXC and re-signed several big female talents. Now the fight that most MMA fans have been waiting for over a year is going to happen. Gina Carano will fight Cris “Cyborg” Santos on August 15, 2009.

This fight has already made history and both opponents have barely started their intense pre-fight training regiments. For the first time in history two females will headline a major MMA card. This speaks volumes to the competitors. In a sport dominated by men, they are shown as equals. It has taken decades for some sports to recognize women athletic competitors. The WNBA,  the NPF (women’s pro softball league), women’s ice hockey, etc… In a relatively short period of time women’s MMA has grown, taking the faces of these two competitors and others as the heroes of a new era in women’s sports.

This fight will be for the new Womens 145-lb Championship title and will have 5 rounds at 5 minutes. Something that many women competitors have been waiting for since they started fighting.

Women’s MMA has made leaps and bounds, and will continue to grow. The UFC has argued that there are hardly enough fighters to make a division. With Strikeforce holding a title fight, Dana White might be re-thinking his stance on the subject. And, several sources have heard the rumblings of an all female cast for The Ultimate Fighter. This match may break the mold for women in professional sports, this could be our Billie Jean King vs. Chris Evert.

Raul Rangel

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Why Cro Cop?
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Last night Mirko Filipovic, otherwise known as “Cro Cop”, made his combak to the UFC to take on Mostapha Al-Turk. Now, many were wondering would we see the old Cro Cop of Pride FC or the 1-2 in the UFC. We got our answer in am impressive TKO victory. although there was a poke to the eye that the referee missed. Anyone watching that fight could tell that the outcome was going to remain the same. But, it is what happened after the fight that has most fans stunned. Mirko has not left the UFC again to go back to the promotion DREAM. The question everyone should be asking is why? With UFC adding more and more athletes to their heavyweight roster,Cro Cop would have made a tremendous addition to the weight class. Fights with Randy, Mir, and Brock looked liked ideal fights even rematches with big Nog and Herring looked promising. Now, we start to hear that prior to this fight it was a 1 time deal done over texting, shame on you Dana. And, Cro Cop, who never cared who he was facing, was hand picking his opponent in hoping to get an easy victory. The Cro Cop I know and loved in Pride FC is long gone, MMA now has their version of Randy “The Ram” Robinson.

Raul Rangel

*A note Cro Cop has recently signed a 3 fight deal with the UFC, it’s great to see a man of his word.

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The Men’s View
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The Men’s View, one of the top internet radio shows and podcasts is coming to Texas Fight Fest 13. In 2006 The Men’s View came out like a rocket- a show with comedy and honesty from a man’s point of view. What makes the show a success is the time and effort that each member puts into it. Founder and host H-Dizzle was highly influenced by Howard Stern, and had a dream to one day have a successful radio show.

His success has not come overnight, it took a revolving door of co-hosts before he found his 2 perfect sidekicks, Amaya 4000 and comedian Allen Chao. The Men’s View also has a crew of characters that make frequent visits to the show who leave you thoroughly entertained and curious about some of their stories. For instance people like to hear the sexual escapades of Ron Jeezy, the spending habits of Louie V, and the adventures of the always colorful ex-wrestler Metalhead.

Being ranked number 19 in Podcast voting is a triumph itself. The Men’s View is just behind shows like Adam Corolla, Kevin Smith, and Rickey Gervais- seasoned comedians and radio personalities that one day could be left in the dirt of The Men’s View. Think it’s impossible? I have 3 words for you The Young Turks, a politically charged show, got its start on the internet only to be picked up by Air America Radio (then XM radio). They now have a following on the internet and youtube that challenges the numbers of Sean Hannity.

The Men’s View has also been very helpful in helping Texasfighter get their internet radio station and podcast going. So look for them in the front row of Texas Fight Fest 13, and listen to them Saturdays at 2pm on themensview.com and on your ipod via the itunes store.

Raul Rangel

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Kimbo to do Tuf 10
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With Kimbo going to The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) series, one has to wonder, has hell frozen over? Kimbo Slice, the man who unfortunately tied street fighting with MMA, and was the face of a bankrupt fighting promotion, is now one of the contestants fighting for a lucrative deal with the UFC. Can this work for everbody in the end? Or will it explode in everyone’s face?

One of the biggest critics of Kimbo has been UFC president, Dana White. Calling him everything from a thug to a guy who can’t fight, Dana White once stated that the only way Kimbo Slice could go into the UFC is that he would have to go through TUF. Many thought this scenerio would never happen as both would have to put their differences on the back burner. And how would a man that headlined the first MMA event on a major network go to a show and prove that he can fight professionally? Imagine many peoples face when they found out that such a deal was met between the 2 parties.

So far this experiment benifits everyone from Dana White to Kimbo Slice to the fans. The UFC gets Kimbo almost for no money to help a show that has seen better days. Not to mention the two coaches for season 10, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Rashad Evans, have a deep dislike for each other. Kimbo gets to prove to all the people that he belongs in MMA and is a real fighter. And, the fans get to reap all the benefits of a hopefully soon to be great season for TUF.

Now, if Kimbo ultimately fails, all responsibility falls on one man, Kimbo himself. Everything that his critics have said will have been vindicated and UFC will be able to wash their hands of him very easily.

However if he does lose a fight in TUF, it does not means that the venture was a failure in any way. Look at some of the other fighters that lost on TUF, only to go on and have a great career in MMA: Stephan Bonnar, Matt Hamil,  Keith Jardine, and others.With all the scenerios that can play out this makes it the most anticipated season of The Ultimate Fighter ever.

Raul Rangel

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State of the Cage Address
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Ours is a sport on the rise in popularity, but by no means is it to be considered new or novice. The practice is older than man. Our competitors are warrior students on the path to enlightenment. Pride and Honor and Glory are our core values. Our heroes are battle worn veterans who have, wave after wave, fallen to the pages of history, victims of the entropy of time. The grit and determination of every fighter who steps into the cage honors us all.

As is true with all things that continuously progress, mixed martial arts competition has increased in complexity and depth. Fighting styles are more adapted to universal application, and fighters are more versed in more styles. Every student of MMA studies with a hunger and fervor to be the best that he or she can be. This means that the level of skill and knowledge required to be competitive is continually rising. Some fighters who have gone before, and led full careers practicing martial arts, have been defeated by younger competitors who are more submersed in the sport. Contemporary MMA competition has set the bar of competency higher than most even realize.

These qualities are inherent in competitve sports, escpecially those with such a diverse plane of competition. What are the rules of MMA? They are usually few enough to list on one hand. What disciplines are allowed? Anything, from techniques used for thousands of years to new ideas from the brilliant minds of expert trainers and fighters are allowed. The goal is to defeat a single opponent in hand to hand combat. This is the oldest and most primal form of competition. MMA is tantamount to the struggle of life. The strong survive.

The future of MMA holds an ever-present grasp on the imaginations of its enthusiasts. What will happen? Who will be the victor? How? The source of its increasing popularity is its primal hold on the human mind. The future of the sport will be controlled by the competitors that shape it every day. Company owners, CEOs, and promoters will have their influence, but the sport will truly be shaped by those with the courage to enter the cage.

-Drew Wallen

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Know Any Good Training Facilities?
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If you would like your school to be on our website, please send us some info on your school. Weather you train MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, etc… let us know. Email at rrangel81@yahoo.com or drewwallen@hotmail.com

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Open Sparring
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At VongPhet Muay Thai Academy this saturday, May 16, there will be an open sparring session. Anyone who is formally trained in martial arts is welcome to compete.  Ku Phet, owner and Shadowfist and Muay Thai Master, can be contacted at 210-860-9676 for information and RSVP. There will be a weigh-in at 10am, and the first fights should start at noon, and run until about 4pm. The School is located at 2819 Hillcrest Dr., at the intersection of Babcock Rd. Spectators are always welcome, and TAMMA will be there.

-Drew Wallen

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Cedar Hill: House of Champions
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Cedar Hill House of Champions is a name to remember in the world of amateur MMA. San Antonio fighters and fans saw that name most recently in the April 5th Texas Amateur MMA Association (TAMMA) event. Joseph Salas won his second TAMMA belt, which now hangs on the wall with his others. If you haven’t seen a highlight reel of world famous martial arts pioneer Benny the Jet Urquidez knockouts, then you need to brush up on your fighting sports history and spend some time on youtube. If you have, then you know what to expect from a 2nd generation Benny the Jet school. Instructor James Pham, former Urquidez student, teaches Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, and Judo in the House of Champions(HOC) Fighting System.

Newlywed Joseph Salas works all day landscaping and trimming trees, then drives an hour to train at Cedar Hill HOC for 2-3 hours, then drives an hour back home every day. Put that together with a fight at least once a month, and he’s a pretty busy man. It’s a price he and his wife are willing to pay though. Salas currently owns four championship titles: The TAMMA Featherweight (FW) MMA and Kickboxing titles, the Extreme Cagefighting FW title out of Joplin, MO, and the Kansas City Combat FW title out of Topeka, KA. He also competes in Jiu Jitsu tournaments in the advanced division. Ready for the surprise? Salas has only been training for about a year and a half, and he plans to turn pro in a couple of months.

James Pham tries to set up fights for his students every 2 to 3 weeks. “Fighters have to keep fighting to stay sharp,” Pham says. Right now three of his fighters are preparing for the International Sport Combat Federation (ISCF) US MMA Championships on May 16th. Salas submitted a challenge to the current FW champion, and was denied, so he will move up in weight class to compete against the lightweight champion, Derrick Krantz. He will be taking a chance against Krantz- 10 lbs heavier at his chosen weight, but it’s a chance he takes with confidence. Salas will be fighting alongside his training partners Baltazar Acosta and Andy Chiu.

Baltazar Acosta will defend his ISCF MMA Bantamweight US Championship title. In addition to his national title, Acosta holds 4 other MMA titles. Salas and Acosta, friends since childhood, were reunited when Salas started training at Cedar Hill HOC. Acosta is also the proud new father of a baby girl.

Andy Chiu will be fighting for the currently vacant Flyweight US championship title. 

The Cedar Hill House of Champions is definitely living up to its name.

by Drew Wallen